Company Information

Tim Allen, owner of Allen Outdoor Solutions LLC, is a native of Eyota, MN and has over 10 years of landscaping and construction experience in the Rochester area. Allen Outdoor Soultions offers a variety of services, specializing in pavers, retaining walls, boulder walls, ponds, landscape mounds, grading, seeding, sod and concrete flat work.     

Our Values
We believe...
  • ...customers want a competitive price, quality work and a trustworthy installation crew.

  • is important work to help homeowners build value in their homes.

  • ...outdoor spaces should be comfortable, aesthetically appealing, and environmentally friendly.

  • ...our customers are served when we are knowledgeable in both classic designs and current trends in landscaping.
Our Commitment
We will work with you during all stages of your project to help you achieve your landscaping and outdoor living space goals. All work is carefully supervised and performed with attention to detail for your complete satisfaction.